Our Mission

Mission Statement

In imitation of our patron saints, Peter and Paul, we are centered in Jesus Christ, courageous in faith, and scholars for truth.


Mission Guidelines

We, the faculty and staff of Sts. Peter and Paul School, in forming our students as disciples of Jesus Christ are committed:

  • To communicate the Lordship of Jesus through an educational program based on God’s truth revealed in the Sacred Scriptures and the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • To be enlivened by God’s Holy Spirit as we seek to live the Christian life as a school community by means of the celebration of the sacraments, daily prayer, respecting the value and dignity of life, and embracing the gifts of each person.
  • To provide a strong academic program combined with diverse programs of enrichment which lay the foundation for our students’ ongoing education and personal development.
  • To develop through an academic atmosphere, creative and critical thinkers, capable of sound decision making and responsible actions. By developing this creative environment our students develop the ability to think constructively, to solve problems, and to reason independently, so that they may effectively face the future with all of its challenges and opportunities.
  • To communicate Christ by providing each individual the experience of growth in responsibility, respect and concern for God, self and others.
  • To provide well qualified teachers, excellent educational materials and an attractive learning environment in order to demonstrate that at Sts. Peter and Paul School our students are our greatest treasure.
  • To keep our parents fully involved in the spiritual and academic growth of their children. The faculty and staff believe that good education involves not only the school, but also the family. We seek to foster a deep sense of belonging by supporting our families and creating a community spirit which involves love and a special concern for each individual’s self-worth.