Family Units

Pope Francis reminds us that “the family is the most sacred institution in society and for the church.  Without the family, a proper family, society could not grow into what God has intended.  The family is one of the basic tenets of our Catholic faith, from which everything flows out of.”

At Sts. Peter and Paul School, we are committed to promoting the value of family life, not only in the participation of our parents in the life of the school, but among the students in their interactions and relations with each other.  The notable family spirit and atmosphere at Sts. Peter and Paul is strengthened and enhanced by our family units.  Once a month, family units comprised of students from each grade level, preschool through 8th grade, meet under the direction of a teacher to participate in faith-building and fun activities and events.  Students remain with the same group for the entire year, making friends with older and younger students in order to form a “family” bond.  The 8th grade students, assigned as “family heads” facilitate the activities in their family units, allowing the 8th graders to grow in their leadership abilities and to serve as wonderful role models for the younger members of the group.

Family Units at work ….