“I will serve.”

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School’s motto is “Serviam”. Serviam is Latin for “I will serve”. At Saints Peter and Paul, we strive to model ourselves in all things after the person of Jesus Christ “who came to serve, not to be served” (Matthew 20:28).

Saints Peter and Paul School’s mission calls for a Christ-centered learning that goes beyond the classroom. We are committed not only to teach the required academic subjects and to integrate elements of the Catholic faith with the learning process, but we also require students to integrate service into the learning experience. This is why “Serviam” has become the motto of our school. There are different ways loving concern for others is promoted through Christian service and stewardship. Students at Sts. Peter and Paul are encouraged to share their God-given gifts and talents and to be generous in the giving of their time and treasure.   Various opportunities are provided so that each student can experience growth in responsibility, respect, and concern for God, self and others.  Some include:

† Student Council

† Altar Serving

† Lecturing

† Liturgical Choir

† Stewardship Programs such as:
∼ Thanksgiving Food Baskets
∼ Project Rice Bowl
∼ Shoes for Souls
∼ Pennies for Patients